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Purple Mattress Rejuvenate

Purple mattresses makes it easy to sleep – without apps, sensors or “smart” technology involved. They do this with the body-forming support and temperature regulation of a polymer material that uses a grid design. And the result? Instant formation and re-formation of the mattress surface to whatever shape that lies on it, plus natural venting of heat away from your body.

Purple manufactures mattresses out of hyper elastic polymer grids (tri-block ABA polymer). Thicknesses come in 2, 3, or 4 inches, with height determining firmness (2” is the firmest, 4” the “softest”). In essence, the shorter the buckling columns, the stiffer it is.

How Pressure & Relief works on a Purple mattress

When you sit on the bed, a lot of weight is concentrated on a small area. There’s a certain amount of weight (or pressure) that an area can support until it “buckles” & collapses. The collapsed area doesn’t push back as hard then, resulting in “pressure relief”.

Purple Grid Push

When you lie down on the bed (as opposed to sitting), your body weight is spread over a broader area and the buckling doesn’t happen – it flexes instead. That’s how pressure support and relief work in congruence; it’s the balancing act between buckling vs flexing depending on weight distribution.

Laying on a Purple mattress felt very buoyant & floaty because you don’t really feel pressure anywhere. I liked how it conformed to my shape; it would work for me as both a back sleeper and side sleeper.

Heat transference

Most foam mattresses act as an insulator, trapping heat instead of transferring it away. Since the average human body is like a 100W lightbulb (and needs to drop several degrees for proper sleep), the foam bed will keep heating up until you’re eventually awakened.

Purple beds are 2-4 times better at heat transfer (than beds made of foam) depending on the model. In their research & development, they’ve tracked heat flux using sophisticated equipment (that look like hotplates) to measure how much actual heat is transferred out of the bed. If you’re a really hot sleeper for example, the Purple Restore Premiere mattress is 4 times better at removing heat.

No Upkeep Required

The material Purple uses is a great technology that benefits sleepers. There’s no upkeep required other than vacuuming; the covers are non-removable and have an anti-microbial finish. All their beds are covered by a standard 10 year warranty. To assure you of their quality, they also do all standard ASTN mattress industry tests in addition to compression tests (with standards on how much indentation they allow.)

Purple lying down

Accessories like pillows and sheets are available. When using sheets, they recommend their 4-way stretch sheets since it’s important to preserve the flexy movement of the polymer. Using a typical non-stretchy sheet is like restricting a trampoline; it’s prevented from doing its job.

The Harmony super-premium pillow has a latex core with a hex grid pattern (this material is hypo-allergenic and non-toxic). The cover on it feels like a runner’s spandex’y cloth. Supple and smooth.

Availability & Pricing

Purple products are available from wholesalers & retailers like Mattress Firm & Ashley Furniture, and also on their website & retail locations where you can feel and learn about their products.

The Restore premium collection includes 3 models with either soft or firm feel (total of 6). Price runs between $2,200 – $4,000. The Rejuvinate luxury collection runs between $5,500 – $7,500. The Harmony pillow is $185.

Prices include shipping for the mattresses (these beds are heavy; the materials are fairly dense).

More Info: https://www.purple.com/
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