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Dreo ChefMaker
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The Dreo ChefMaker may look like an air fryer, but it’s actually a master chef in disguise.

It does have air fryer capabilities to be sure, but with the patented CombiCook technology and built-in probe, it’s almost like having a chef living inside the device to keep constant track of the food’s (for meat especially) internal temperatures so you don’t have to.

It’s almost like placing an order with a waiter; if you want filet mignon for example, you select that meat from the program, tell it how you want it cooked (e.g. medium rare), and once you place the meat in the basket and stick in the probe, you sit back and wait. It’s that simple. When it’s finished, you get a high quality meal with juicy insides, seared outside, and it’s all done on auto-pilot.

There are preset programs already installed (meats, fish, etc) with cooking times ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours (though soft vegetables like brussel sprouts can be as fast as 3 minutes). A water reservoir tank keeps the outside moist (prevents burning) while the probe adjusts temps for whatever thickness the meat is.

The basket size will fit a small child’s head (6qt capacity) and cooking tempertures range from 100f-450f degrees with a power draw of 1800W max.

Dreo ChefMaker
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The Dreo Chefmaker is the first of its kind – a compact, countertop sized appliance that’s super convenient for people who are really busy or not very good cooks. Do more than air fry the frozen chicken nuggets or fries – cook food like a gourmet!

Available on Kickstarter, May 25th, 2023 and on Dreo.com and Amazon.com starting July 15th 2023. Price is slated to be $399.99. Winner of a CES 2023 Innovation Award.

More Info: https://www.dreo.com/chefmaker-combi-fryer
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