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Video Table of Contents

00:00 Intro & product description
01:01 Privacy features
01:30 Games & content

02:03 Game Demo & price details
03:00 Purchase or subscription options

Nex Playground is a gaming and entertainment system that fits in the palm of your hand.

It looks like a small cube with a built-in camera and has a physical cover for privacy. And while it does come with a small, baton-shaped controller, it’s mostly used for selecting and running games and other content.

The real magic of the Nex Playground is the motion sensor. Since most games are movement based, it doesn’t need a hand-held controller; it tracks a person’s movement for input.

It’s also amazing how something this small has enough power to output to a 4k HDMI television.

Subscriptions can be bought yearly for $89 US (for access to everything) or quarterly for $49 (3 mths at a time with 5 new games coming each quarter).

You can also buy games individually – no need to subscribe (available starting winter of 2023).

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Event: Pepcom Holiday Spectacular (October 2023)


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