Panasonic MULTISHAPE Personal Care System -Pepcom 2022 Summer


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The Panasonic MULTISHAPE is a modular, all-in-one system for personal grooming. The handle (with the built-in battery) connects to one of 5 head attachments, including:

  • Beard/Hair trimmer
  • Body trimmer
  • 3-Blade shaver
  • Nose/ear/facial trimmer
  • Electric toothbrush

You even have a choice between the type of battery handle, from Ni-MH battery (50 minutes of usage) or Li-ion (90 minutes of usage).

You can purchase everything as a pre-built starter kit that comes with a carry pouch, or pick up individual heads on an as-needed basis. This system will be available for purchase on September of 2022 for MSRP $120-$175.

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