The Most Advanced Zojirushi 2022 Rice Cookers -Pepcom 2022


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The Pressure IH is Zojirushi‘s most advanced rice cooker, making “sweeter” rice with heat and pressure. It also learns how you like your rice cooked in regards to firmness and stickiness.

The Micom is a more affordable model but still has tons of options to cook different kinds of rice & textures, from brown to congee and even quinoa, steel cut oatmeal and cake.

Then there are Hello Kitty lunch jars! As more people are forced back to the office after pandemic era work-from-home, they’re finding the price of buying lunch to be too expensive. The Kitty jars are a nice vessel to bring home-made food if you don’t still have your Scooby Doo lunchbox from your elementary school days.

00:00 – Introduction
00:14 – Pressure IH (NW-JEC10/18) Rice Cooker
01:08 – Micom (NL-DCC10/18) Rice Cooker
01:47 – Hello Kitty Lunch Jar

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Event: Pepcom Home Now! (April 2022)


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