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Lenovo showcases two kinds of Smart Devices – earbuds and clocks.

There’s “no more waiting” with Lenovo’s Smart earbuds. They can connect to two devices at once (to a smartphone & laptop, for example) saving you the time and trouble involved in pairing to another device. They’re also powered by Google Assistant and programmable. Battery life on the earbuds are 7 hours, with 28 hours total with the case and capable of Qi charging. Comes in black or white.

Smart clocks come in two varieties. The first is Smart Clock Essential, which is powered by Alexa and connected to Amazon services like Amazon music. It can be paired with other devices/speakers for stereo sound.

The second is Smart Clock 2 powered by Google Assistant. Additional features include:

  • Touch screen
  • Visual context (e.g. sun picture displayed for sunny weather)
  • Detachable base with Qi charging

00:00 – Introduction
00:13 – Smart Wireless Earbuds
00:47 – Smart Clock Essential (with Alexa)
01:19 – Smart Clock 2 (with Google Assistant)

More Info: https://www.lenovo.com
Event: Pepcom Home Now! (April 2022)


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