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HP 2021 portfolio

In response to the Covid-19 situation, HP has thoughtfully designed their products for a blended use between personal life and work. To offer enhanced micro mobility, they’re introducing:

Elitebook 840 G8 Aero Business laptop

This is a mainstream business laptop (standard issue for HP employees) with enterprise level security and manageability. It’s now integrated with Tile in case the laptop is lost and has both WiFi 6 and optional 5G and LTE support.

Elite Displays

The above laptop pairs nicely with HP’s new generation of Elite displays:

  • HP E24u G4 – 24” FHD (1920×1080)
  • HP E27u G4 – 27” QHD (2560×1440)

Both support a single USB-C cable connection with DisplayPort support for a second display in daisychain. They also offer a clutter-free desktop with a built-in USB-A hub for accessories like mouse and keyboard and power delivery of 65W.

HP 635 Multi-device Wireless Mouse

It’s a wireless mouse that works on any surface, including glass. Battery life lasts 1 year on a single charge, and there are 4 programmable click buttons (customizable for things like turning on your webcam or using as multimedia keys.)

Enhancing Collaboration

Enhancing Collaboration is another theme for HP as they see people working together as a key issue as evidenced in schooling and education, field work, health… and just about anyone who isn’t working as a one-man-band.

Elitebook Dragonfly G2

HP’s lightest compact business convertible (the world’s lightest according to HP). It uses Intel’s latest Core i CPU with the base model weighing in at only 2.2 lbs. It’s got 5G optional support and will increase in weight should you want a bigger battery and other enhancements.

This model also has Tile integration to track down your laptop should you ever lose it. And unlike the previous version of this laptop, Tile is built in the SoC so you won’t lose an m.2 slot.

HP Elite Dragonfly Max

This is the most advanced of HP’s machines for a great collaboration experience. It offers a great visual experience with a super sensitive 5 MP camera sensor and a great audio experience with HP sound calibration that enhances the sound. The advanced features use AI filtering to block out background noises like barking dogs, crumpling potato chip bags, and so forth.

HP Elite Wireless Earbuds

These are HP’s most advanced earbuds for collaborating. It’s got personalized audio tuning using s/w specifically for the user’s ears, and s/w for noise cancelling with presets for walking in the street, driving in car, or being in a busy place (like a mall). It supports “swift pair” in all major OS’s (Win / iOS / Android).

HP Elite Folio

This Snapdragon powered laptop, the Elite Folio is the world’s first pull-forward business convertible.

It’s based on the Spectre Folio but is now a commercial notebook. A notable change is the use of vegan leather instead of real leather for a more consistent wear & tear (and to be more environmentally friendly).

There are 3 modes – clamshell (laptop L), consumption (triangle), and tablet (flat). The great thing about this compared to a full 360 degree folding laptop is that the keyboard is hidden away instead of touching (and possibly scratching) the tabletop or your lap.

The integrated pen has a parking space right above the keyboard (under the screen) and charges itself there. And unlike with an iPad Pro, the pen doesn’t fall off.

The battery life is an amazing 24.5 hours when watching locally stored, full screen videos. This is excellent performance/battery life due to using the Qualcomm 8cx ARM chip running Windows. This laptop is also capable of 5g and LTE.


It’s what HP dubs their “Mobile personal creative studio”. It’s made for content creators like video editors who need calibrated screens – you’ll be happy to know that color calibration is built-in and the HP display control software lets you change color presets. It practically means no more having to purchase a Datacolor Spyder separately – it’s built right in! The 14” display has a 16:10 aspect ratio that shows 11% more content on screen.

And HP’s worked with Nvidia and Adobe on this to maximize performance on Adobe Creative Cloud. And as part of the laptop purchase offer, you’ll also get to trial Adobe CC if you don’t already use it.

HP M-Series FHD Displays

Three new Eyesafe monitors are available for creatives with FHD (1920×1080) resolution:

  • M24F 24”
  • M27F 27”
  • M32F 32”

They’re 99% sRGB color accurate with Eyesafe certification to help lower eyestrain. Using blue-light filtering technology (with hardware) removes the sacrifices normally made when using only software, while minimizing color shifting.

They’re borderless on three sides and integrates cable management for a cleaner look.

Plus, HP is taking steps as a good corporate citizen by using 85% recycled material with 5% certified recycled ocean-bound plastics.


For small and medium businesses who don’t have IT departments but need some level of support, HP offers Smart Support to help these businesses deploy and manage PCs in remote environments.

In a nutshell, it gives HP support agents access to the device needing help through cloud based telemetry. With this and AI based insights, it helps them to quickly identify and figure out issues and expedite diagnoses and fixes. This results in super fast support times (compared to sending in the laptop or visiting a repair center), which means less time wasted trying to fix a computer – time that could have been used to keep your business running.

More Info: https://www.hp.com
Event: Pepcom Digital Experience (Jan 2021)


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