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YouCopia makes storage and organization products for quick and easy access to the many thingees you use and store daily in the kitchen, bathroom and closets. Their design idea is to never require installation or complicated assembly. So it’s not surprising that you’ll experience the benefits within minutes of placement, instead of days or weeks trying to build something from scratch.

At Pepcom, we were shown several new items for the fridge and freezer.


RollOut Fridge Drawer

Rollout Fridge Drawer
Add this as an additional drawer for corralling light items like dairy, snacks or drinks all in one space. It’s got rear wheels for easy pull out and a large handle to safely carry everything to your prep area. The included dividers lets you form separate compartments of different sizes, which is uber helpful when you want your tomatoes to sit – and not roll around everywhere.

It’s interesting to learn that since people started cooking at home more frequently (because of Covid),  they’ve discovered that produce drawers in standard refrigerators aren’t enough. Rollout was created to house the overflow of produce stock and leftovers.

The rollout drawer has a depth of 15” and comes in 3 widths:
6” – $24.99
8” – $29.99
10” – $39.99

RollOut Fridge Caddy

Rollout Fridge Caddy
It’s similar in function to the fridge drawer, but has a lower profile. The depth is the same at 15” and also comes in 3 widths:
4” – $12.99
6” – $14.99
9” – $19.99


FreezeUp Freezer Bin

FreezeUp Freezer Bin
Similar idea to the fridge caddy, but designed to work best with frozen food bags. The bin comes with dividers for at-a-glance views of what you might have left in the remaining bags of food. It has built-in handles so you can pull all your frozen options out in one go. You can close the freezer door and keep the other stuff cold (while saving electricity) as you figure out what you need for the meal.
12” bin – $24.99
15” bin – $29.99

FreezeUp Freezer Rack

FreezeUp Freezer Rack
Freezer Rack functionally acts like a bookcase and works best for frozen boxed foods. There are 2 sizes:
12” – $19.99
15” – $24.99

You may be surprised to learn that YouCopia products are available practically everywhere you turn, from Amazon, Target, the Container Store and even Home Depot and Lowes. For the most up to date products and options, you can always pick up stuff from their website.

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