New Oral-B iO Powered Toothbrush for Deep Cleans (Pepcom 2020)


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Oral-B iO
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The Oral-B iO is a rechargeable toothbrush that provides a deep clean of teeth and gums. It’s been in research and development for 6 years, and the results of using iO (compared to manual brushing) are tremendous:

  • 100% healthier gums in just 1 week
  • 6 times more plaque removal along the gumline
  • 83% gingivitis patients moved from unhealthy to healthy gums in 8 weeks

The toothbrush has a smart display with an interface that interacts with you. There’s a selection of brushing modes that you can cycle through, such as daily clean, sensitivity, whitening and more.

It’s powered by a linear magnetic drive motor that transfers frictionless energy directly to the tips of the bristles (not the whole head) for an effective clean. It uses a rotating, oscillating pattern with the round brush head that Oral-B is known for.

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There’s a ring of light around the toothbrush (a pressure sensor) to show optimal pressure range as you brush. It’s blue when you turn it on, and shifts to green when you’re using good pressure. But push too hard and it’ll turn red to warn you to lighten up a bit.

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You can connect the toothbrush to the Oral-B app via BlueTooth to track brush movement in your mouth in real-time. A diagram of teeth zones will show up and change color to “done” as you brush different areas. It’s interesting to compare it to what you’ve been doing in the past – have you been overbrushing your teeth? Or brushing too little? The app will track brushing time and movement and show you statistics when you’re finished. You can then take that info into account the next time you brush your teeth.

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Once you get used to the recommended amount of brushing, you can probably use it less frequently – and check every few months to make sure you haven’t been getting lazy on your brushing habits.

The battery lasts about 7-10 days and takes about 3 hours to fully charge from empty. Like other Oral-B electric brushes, the head can easily be popped out for replacement (they recommend you do so every three months).

There are 3 versions of the iO:

IO 7 (MSRP $200)

  • Black & white screen
  • 2 replaceable brushes
  • 5 brushing modes

IO 8 (MSRP $250)

  • Color screen
  • 3 replaceable brushes
  • 6 brushing modes
  • Basic travel case

IO 9 (MSRP $300)

  • Color screen
  • 4 replaceable brushes
  • 7 brushing modes
  • Travel case with built in charger

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