The World’s First Foldable PC – Lenovo X1 Fold (Pepcom 2020)


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Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold
X1 Fold (Click image to enlarge)

Announced at CES, is the first of its kind – the Lenovo X1 Fold. Use the whole screen like a tablet. Or bend in half for a screen and keyboard like a pc. The 13.3” 2K OLED display (4×3 ratio) turns the bottom half into an onscreen keyboard, but if you don’t like the idea of fingerprints on the screen, you can always pick up their mini BlueTooth keyboard that magnetically clicks on. The computer automatically recognizes it and adjusts to a half screen display.

For frequent flyers, the X1 Fold is small enough to use on an airplane tray table and light enough to carry around all day (it weighs 2.2 lbs). And when you’ve had it with watching the in-flight movie on the tiny seat screen, the built-in kickstand lets you watch one in full screen tablet mode on your X1.

A unique party trick that was very thoughtfully created is the mode switcher software. It locks different windows to separate sides of the screen, without you having to adjust window sizes manually. So you can watch a lecture on one half while taking notes on the other. Or watch a drawing tutorial while you sketch on the other half with the optional smart pen.

Another thoughtful addition was the placement of their USB-C ports. There are 2 of them, with each placed so that they’re always sitting on the lower left-hand side in both tablet and PC mode for charging purposes. Charging then, is obviously PD while transfer speeds are USB 3.2 Gen 2.

Thoroughly Tested

Like all Thinkpads, the X1 Fold has been put through military spec testing standards. As far as the screen goes, Lenovo tells us the display and hinge mechanism has been in development for over 4 years and tested for 30,000 cycles. They estimate this to mean a 3+ year lifespan.

This bleeding edge of display technology comes at a pricetag between $2499 and $3000.

At a Glance: Lenovo’s Current Laptops for 2020

Thinkpad X1 Nano
X1 Nano (Click image to enlarge)

Thinkpad X1 Nano – lightest Thinkpad ever (1.99 lbs), with 13” 2K display, Thunderbolt 4, up to 17.3hr battery life, high performance Intel Evo platform. Just announced!

Yoga 9i
Yoga 9i (Click image to enlarge)

Yoga 9i – Lenovo’s flagship consumer laptop, ultra-slim, 360 degree hinge, latest Tigerlake Intel chip, all glass 1 piece touchpad, up to 18hr battery life.

Yoga 7 (2-in-1)
Yoga 7 (2-in-1 – Click image to enlarge)

Yoga 7 (2-in-1) – midrange laptop with up to 13 hr battery life & Thunderbolt 4 ports.

Legion Slim 7i Gaming (Click image to enlarge)

Legion Slim 7i – One of the world’s slimmest, lightest gaming laptops with up to 7.75 hr battery life. Options like Nvidia RTX 2060 Q-Max GPU, FHD @144Hz IPS (or 4K IPS @60Hz) display.

Lenovo tab P11 Pro
tab P11 Pro tablet (Click image to enlarge)

tab P11 Pro – Android tablet with 11.5” 2k display, 15hr battery and fingerprint login.

Smart Clock (Click image to enlarge)

Smart Clock – Big display, Google Assisted for hands-free operation. $50

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