Jabra Elite 85T ANC and FREE ANC for 75T Earbuds (Pepcom 2020)


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Jabra Elite 85t ANC & Case
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Jabra Elite 85T are their new flagship earbuds specifically designed for ANC (Active Noise Cancellation). It’s got a dedicated ANC chip and uses 6 built-in microphones for great calls and feedforward and feedback for the ANC function.

On the music and audio side, they give you a specialized app called MySound, a test that measures the capabilities of your own ears . The results are used to create a profile based on your hearing to give you the best sound customized for your own ears! This awesome technology is created with the expertise of GN Hearing, a leader in medical hearing aids.

You also get Jabra Advanced ANC which allows you to adjust the different levels of ANC and hear-through – at the same time.

Battery life tops off at 5.5 hours with ANC on, with the charging case extending that to 25 hours with ANC on, and 31 hours with ANC off. They’re Qi certified so you can even charge them wirelessly.

MSRP is US $229 and they’re en route to Best Buy stores right now. They should be available come November of 2020.


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Great news for current (and future) owners of the Elite 75T and Active Elite 75T earbuds. They can now be upgraded to include Active Noise Cancellation for a grand total of $0.00 – as in free! Simply download the firmware and run an update using the Jabra Sound+ app. It’s a great freebie if you consider that ANC is a feature that usually costs an additional $30-$50.


Jabra wanted a great product without compromise. For them, the holy trinity of true wireless have the following aspects:

  1. Great sound quality
  2. Great battery life
  3. Small size, comfortable fit

The market’s full of remarkable earbuds, but only hit 2 of the 3 points; great sound and battery life, but atrociously large size (negatively affecting comfort and fit). Or they’ll be small and have good sound, but terrible battery life.

The Elite 85T delivers what Jabra believe to be the best of all three: 5.5 hours of battery life, a significantly smaller design that’s more comfortable and lighter than everyone else and great ANC & audio quality with 12mm drivers in a small space.


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  • Elite 85T (ANC): Flagship Active Noise Canceling with 6 mics, 12mm drivers & 5.5 hr battery life
  • Elite 75T (ANC): Core model – small size, closed seal, free Active Noise Canceling upgrade
  • Elite 65T: Base model for music and calls
  • Elite Sport: integrated in-ear heart-rate monitor & personal trainer app

In addition, the Active variants for all of them are IP rated for exercise & sports (maintains a good fit and resistant to water, dust, sweat and so forth).

While most companies are happy enough just to sell products and make money, Jabra goes beyond that by asking “what can we do better for our existing customers too?”

The answer to that is software. By adding this element into their product development, Jabra is able to offer updates, fixes and new features – even after the product is sold. Without question it’s an added cost to their bottom line, but it signals to me that they’ve designed their goods for use in the long haul.

TECHNICAL NOTE, FYI: Jabra says the best possible ANC is gotten from headphones with a semi-open design, which the Elite 85T has. The Elite 75T in comparison is already fully sealed (physically blocks out noise), so the ANC experience and sound will be different.

More info: https://www.jabra.com
Event: Pepcom Holiday Spectacular (Oct 2020)


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