Odyssey Toys – Build Your Own Drone & more! (CE Week 2018)

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Odyssey toys has some really fun products from drones, AR/VR games and all the way to remote-controlled transformer-like fighting robots. In this video, we’re given a tour through some of their toy lines, including:

Battle Bots

Two remote controlled cars suddenly transform into robots, turning the driver into a warrior. It feels kind of like a UFC fight, where two players get to battle it out until one of them gets hit three times in their vulnerable spot. The loser automatically transforms back into a car; there can be only one winner!

Mobile Arcade

In this game, you attach a mini car to your phone and collect as many coins as possible before reaching the boss stage to pass to the next level. You control the car by tilting your phone left and right (your phone detects the car whenever you attach it to the screen.) Easy to play, loads of fun.


This is a fantastic idea of building your own drone using Lego-type bricks. You design it any way you want, and if you crash it, no problem! Just re-attach any bricks that may come apart – because in theory, it’ll be great fun to design, fly, and re-design your very own drone whenever you feel like it.


An Augmented Reality game featuring a collapsible bow. Attach your smartphone to the built-in holder and test your aim and marksmanship the next time you see a dragon or a flock of ducks.

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link
https://amzn.to/2KAjw6t (Build-A-Drone)

More info: http://odysseytoys.com

CE Week Technology Show (06/18)
@Jacob Javits Center, New York City


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