NEWS: Coco of Witch Hat Atelier to join Kotobukiya

Coco from Witch Hat Atelier
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From the manga Witch Hat Atelier is an all new 1/8 scale figure of Coco, currently running in manga magazine Monthly Morning Two.

This highly detailed figure perfectly captures the design and essence of Kamome Shirahama’s illustration and has been fully checked and approved to replicate the world of Witch Hat Atelier in 360 degrees, all around.

From the sculpt to the painting, this figure is made to bring Kamome Shirahama’s illustration come to life. Multiple variations of gold paint have been used to create a realistic balance of colors and depth. The softness of the Fudemushi, the wrinkles in the clothing, the metallic coloration of the armillary sphere and the countless details that can be seen in this figure are all aspects that fans can enjoy.

Enjoy the harmony between the softly smiling Coco and the antique nature of the armillary sphere in this figure!

Product Specs

  • Size: around 215mm
  • MSRP: $179.99 (plus tax)
  • Availability: June, 2020
  • Copyright: ©Kamome Shirahama / Kodansha Ltd.
  • Kotobukiya Pre-Order Exclusive – Pre-order Coco at select Kotobukiya distributors, and receive a free shikishi (picture board) with original illustration!
  • *Shikishi are available in limited quantities while supplies last.

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