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The Movo all-in-one webcam is a full 3-course meal; a cardioid condenser mic, webcam and ring light. You can pick and choose what you want too: mic only, mic and cam (1080p or 4k), or all three (mic, webcam, ringlight). The different variations available are:

  • WebMic 4K Pro – 4k webcam, mic, LED ring light
  • WebMic HD Pro – 1080p webcam, mic, LED ring light
  • WebMic 4K – 4k webcam, mic
  • WebMic HD – 1080p webcam, mic
  • Movo Webmic – mic only

The Pro version has ringlights while 4K/HD is the choice of camera resolution.

Full press release below:

Achieve Professional-quality Audio, Video and Lighting with Movo WebMic HD Pro, Launching on Kickstarter

Movo WebMic HD Pro is an all-in-one solution that boosts connection with friends, family, colleagues and clients.

Inglewood, CA –  There’s nothing more frustrating nowadays than glitchy video calls, unclear audio and poor lighting when trying to be productive.  The Movo WebMic HD Pro launched on Kickstarter today and helps relieve the stresses of online learning, working from home and live-streaming.

The COVID-19 pandemic restructured the way people work, learn and enjoy entertainment. The high-quality features of the Movo WebMic HD Pro make it easier to produce professional content, work, live-stream, learn and teach remotely.

“We’re excited to help teachers, students, streamers and content creators up their game with the Movo WebMic HD Pro,” said Ben Halberstam, CEO at Movo. “We noticed the low-quality audio and video that people were experiencing while using their built-in or outdated webcams and microphones during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic and wanted to provide an all-in-one solution.”

The all-in-one HD web camera, condenser microphone and LED lighting solution instantly improves the audio, video and lighting when recording or producing content at home. The built-in microphone blocks out background noise to provide clear and crisp audio, while an HD 1080p camera captures video at 30 frames per second for premium quality video recording. The integrated LED ring light features three brightness levels to ensure consistent, picture-perfect lighting, no matter the location or time of day.

Movo is also launching a few variations of the Movo WebMic HD Pro for user-specific needs. Consumers can opt for the Movo WebMic, which only includes the superior cardioid condenser microphone, or they can choose from the WebMic HD (WebMic and HD webcam), WebMic 4K (WebMic and 4K camera), or WebMic 4K Pro (WebMic with a 4K camera and an LED ring light).

More than half of the global workforce is working remotely and the percentage of those working from home permanently is expected to double in 2021. In the virtual classroom, poor audio or video quality is among the most common issues facing online learning. More than 40% of those learning remotely believe connectivity issues are negatively impacting their education. In the content creation community, more people are watching and producing live-streamed programming than ever before.

The Movo WebMic HD Pro is equipped with a portable handheld/tabletop stand, adjustable mount and headphone monitoring port. To pre-order, visit

About Movo
Movo is the leading designer and manufacturer of photography, videography and audio equipment solutions for the content creation community. Based on innovative concepts, highly-accessible solutions, and premium quality, Movo has built a worldwide reputation as the content creator’s brand, from the filmmaker and vlogger to the photographer and podcaster, and beyond. Launched in 2014, Movo was built on the premise that premium photo/video products should be accessible to all content creators in order to advance the creative community.  For more information, visit


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