Video: The Awesome Luggage Scooter & Regenerative eScooters


Produced by Young Jeohn

I really like micro’s luggage scooter – pull open the board and glide your way to the gate instead of taking that long boring walk. It’s TSA compliant too, meaning hassle free passage.

micro is a Swiss company that will debut in September, the 23 lb emicro scooter – designed with a motorcycle-like throttle grip to accelerate when twisted forward, and to brake when twisted back. It employs cruise control and several braking methods, including regenerative braking to harness power as you brake. There is a lighter version called the Stealth that only weighs 16 lbs.

All electric scooter models have regenerative braking.

Next year, micro is coming out with a small electric car that opens up from the front. It’s a two-seater for short distances with a 60mph top speed and 80 mile range.

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Luxury Technology Show (03/17)
@Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City
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