Video: Kingston’s Best Flash Drives! December 2020’s Latest Line-up

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00:00 – Introduction
00:22 – Which USB type do you need?
00:53 – 7 Flash Drives – the difference

01:11 – USB-C (some USB-A 2-in-1) Drives Overview
01:37 – DT 80 (fastest USB-C)
02:37 – DT MicroDuo 3C (Tiny, fast)
03:36 – DT DUO (general all purpose – USB C and A)

04:13 – USB-A Drives Overview
04:35 – DT Kyson (Fast USB-A)
05:18 – DT Elite G2 (Shock/Water resistant case, Fast)
06:08 – DT 2000 (Secure, Encrypted keypad)

06:57 – DT MicroDuo3 G2 (microUSB & USB-A 2-in-1)
07:59 – Final Words

There are so many flash drives out there it makes your head twirl. You have to decide which USB type, at what speed, which model number, is it the latest tech or old and slow… it’s a lot to digest. This video acts as a guide to Kingston’s latest line-up to help you find the right flash drive for today (drives in this video are the lastest models as of 12/2020).

A note on testing: After running 3-4 different benchmark tests for each drive, the results were similar enough that I included just the CrystalDisk Mark one. For the 2-in-1 drives, I tested both connectors (e.g. USB-C and USB-A) and all of them transferred at more-or-less the same speeds. Only the micro USB connector wasn’t tested.

All prices that I mention in the video were found at Kingston’s website store ( as a frame of reference. You can compare them to the Amazon affiliate links I’ve linked below to see which is better.

More info:
(Evaluation units provided by Kingston.)


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