Jedi Challenges is Lenovo/Disney’s Best Star Wars AR game

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This could be the best Black Friday gift ever for 2017. Star Wars Jedi Challenges is a joint collaboration by Lenovo and Disney to bring you an awesome Augmented Reality (AR) game complete with light saber and headset. Since it’s AR, you can see the environment around you so you (hopefully) don’t get carried away and destroy your actual surroundings.

This game is exclusively available at Best Buy for $199 and comes with:

  • Lenovo Mirage AR Headset
  • Luke Skywalker Light Saber
  • Beacon
  • Accessory cables (microUSB, USB-C, Lightning)

After pairing the light saber with the beacon, you swing it around to calibrate it. You can then start playng the game right away! If you look carefully into the headset as Sam starts playing, you can see the light saber turning on and enemies swinging at him!

This could be the best Black Friday gift ever for 2017.

If you’re wondering how Jedi Challenges keeps track of direction and object/enemy locations, the headset uses a gyroscope and accelerometer to track head movement and rotation while using the beacon as a reference point.

You’ll need to provide the computing power of a flagship Android or Apple phone and download the game. Beware if you have big phone since it may not fit in the headset. For a list of compatible/recommended phones, visit

Event: Pepcom 2017, New York City
More info:


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