Vid Review: HyperX Fury S Mousepad (Speed Edition)

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HyperX Fury S mousepad is super large in size (XL size) but also comes in three smaller sizes if you don’t have the deskspace.

Sized 900mm x 420mm and 4mm thick, you can practically do yoga exercises on it when you take a break from gaming. The edges are hemmed to prevent fraying and it’s got a great rubber grip underneath (it’s pretty to look at too, though staring under a mousepad for any length of time is beyond the scope of this video.)

HyperX Fury S (Speed Edition) mousepad comparison

This is a great addition to the other gaming accessories HyperX has in its line, including their:

just to name a few.

More info:
(Test unit provided by HyperX for this review)

Check prices: —Amazon affiliate link


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