Sonic Superstars by Sega avail Oct 17, 2023 -Holiday of Play 2023


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Sonic Superstars is a new take on the beloved Sega videogame with 3D graphics.

While keeping the core gameplay of the original, a new twist has been added with the chaos emeralds granting special powers. In the video demo, the player has obtained the elemental power of water and is able to breathe and travel through water.

It plays on most platforms, including:

  • PC
  • XBox: X, S, One
  • Playstation: 4 & 5
  • Nintendo Switch family

Retail at the store: $59.99 USD
Digital Deluxe Version: $69.99 (DLC w/Lego, mini OST, artbook)

Available October 17, 2023 – you can preorder prior to that at

More Info:
Event: Holiday of Play (September 2023)


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