Christmas Toys for 2022 -Holiday of Play Showcase

Holiday of Play 2022

Event Date: September 16, 2022
Place: Chelsea Piers, New York City

PAGE UPDATED: October 15, 2022

Hosted by The Toy Insider, the 2022 Holiday of Play event showcased many companies’ toys for the upcoming Christmas holiday. We wish we could show you all of them, but for this event we were able to cover:

  • Fidgie Friends
  • Flybar Bumpercar
  • Bandai
  • Pixicade Pets
  • Mrs Wordsmith
  • Jazwares
  • Elenco
  • Playmates
  • Compound Kings
  • WowWee

fidgie friends

Fidgie friends
Super cute dolls with fidget features, encourages active play

flybar bumper cars

Bumper Cars by Flybar
Bumper Car XL seats adults while the smaller Funpark seats kids.
Whole family fun!

Bandai BTS Tamagotchi

BTS inspired Tamagotchi, plus Stranger Things actions figures

Pixiecade Pets

Pixicade Pets Demo
Watch the demo to see how this game is played

Mrs Wordsmith

Mrs Wordsmith
Teaching literacy through pictures, phonics, video games – and fun!

Playmates Toys TMNT / Street Fighter

Playmates Toys
TMNT, Street Fighter, Stranger Things, Ladybug… it’s a mashup!

Elenco Snap Circuits

Elenco Snap Circuits
Green energy, coding, & other STEM projects that are hands on & great fun!

Jazwares Squishmallows

Super soft, super cute… but there are more than 1,500 Squishmallows in existence?

Compound Kings

Compound Kings
Fruity smelling slime that isn’t too sticky and is FUN to play with

WowWee My Avastars

You get 2 copies of one doll – one in real life, one in the metaverse!


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