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Learning and literacy made fun! Mrs Wordsmith products combine pictures and gaming to help the mind absorb words. They show us 3 of their most popular print products:

  • How to Write a Story
  • Storyteller’s Word a day – a new word a day for 180 days
  • Phonics BlahBlahBlah – a phonics card game

Their newest development, we’re told, is a game called Word Tag. It’s high quality stuff given that it’s made by the developers of Subway Surfer and animated by the people who did the feature film Madagascar.

Gameplay reminds me of Crash Bandicoot, but progress in the game requires solving a Tomb Raider-like puzzle, except with words. Mrs Wordsmith calls this “invisible learning”, and it looks like great fun to play!

Next year, they’re said to be stepping into the metaverse by launching a game within Roblox. It’s exciting times for learning!

Check prices on Amazon — How to Write a Story — Phonics Blah Blah Blah card game — Storyteller’s Word a Day

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