Sticky the Poo Sticks to Almost Everything by Hog Wild Toys

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Hog Wild Toys’ Sticky the Poo looks like a pile of crap, but doesn’t smell like it thank goodness. It’s actually a fun toy that sticks on to any flat surface when you throw it. Play tricks and gross out your friends or have a contest to see who has the best aim.

It never really gets messy, and if Sticky the Poo ever gets too dirty, it’s easy to clean in cold water.

Hogwild Toys also has Atomic Power Poppers, which are air powered cylinders that shoot out cherry sized foam balls that go surprisingly far. They come in single and double cylinders.


More info:
Check prices — Amazon affiliate link – Sticky the Poo – Unicorn poo – Atomic Power Popper (2 pack)

Toy Fair Event (02/18)
@Jacob Javits Center, New York City


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