Geomag Mechanics Challenge STEM Toy Review

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00:07 – About this toy
00:20 – Unboxing
01:48 – Let’s shoot the cannon
02:55 – How do pieces lock together?

04:34 – Game #1 – Shooting stick figures
06:02 – Game #2 – Don’t miss the goal post
08:07 – Game #3 – A moving target
11:53 – Conclusion

Geomag‘s Mechanics Challenge is a STEM Toy to teach kids physics. It works like building blocks, created for 7 years and older. But take care, because you have moving parts – in this case, a cannon and cannon fodder!

Geomag Mechanics pieces

The pieces use a locking mechanism that feel like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. The one that connect horizontally (sideways) use circular nibs while the ones that connect vertically (above and below) use square nibs.

The cannon uses gravity and a magnetic piece to “shoot” metal ball bearings, but you need to work on your aim. If you get good at it, you might even hit the moving target that’s a part of game #3!

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(Review unit provided by Geomag)


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