Video: Cosori Glass Kettle – Review after 1.5 years of use


Watch it on Youtube:

00:00 – Introduction
00:31 – “Unboxing”
01:54 – Warranty, contact info & social media

02:48 – Product Walk-through
02:54 — Glass Kettle
04:28 — Base (with cable management)

05:46 – Heating up water (blue light ring, auto off)
07:29 – Final thoughts (glass or metal)

New products are nice to have, but how long do they last? To see if this Cosori electric glass kettle was any good, I used it for almost a year and a half before making this review. I’m happy to say that it still works great – I use it at least twice every day (usually more) for my morning coffee and evening tea. I’m very happy with it.

They now have an updated version with a lip filter that’s all stainless steel (no plastic).

More info:

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link — Cosori electric glass kettle — Newer design with totally metal filter — Cosori metal version electric kettle


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