Chord Electronics Mojo, Poly and more DACs! (CanJam 2020)

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00:36 – Mojo DAC/Headphone Amp (Miniscule!)
01:23 – Poly Streaming Module (for Mojo)
01:52 – 2go Streaming Module (for Hugo2)

02:27 – Larger Products (in brief)
02:42 – 2Yu (for 2Go) – Combine with 2Go & stream from any DAC!

Event: CanJam 2020 (Marriott Marquis, NYC – Feb 2020)

I visited Chord Electronics after overhearing several companies say some great things about wanting to check them out. In short, they manufacture D/A converters, amps and other high end gear as they originally came from professional equipment manufacturing that are still in use by the BBC, Sony EMI, Skywalker Sound, etc.

They’ve found their way into hi-fi audio and offer not only high-grade home audio products, but portable ones that fit into the palm of your hand. They use FPGA chips and manufacture most (if not all) their products in the UK.

  1. Mojo DAC/headphone amp – super small, selling out “like hot cakes”. It has 2 headphone outputs and 3 inputs (optical, micro USB and coax). It displays the file resolution via different colors on the “Power button” ball: — 44k Red | 96k Green | 192k Blue … up to 768k —
  2. Poly is an add-on module to the Mojo that lets you stream music. It has an addition micro SC card slot and connects via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Once connected, it can serve as a DLNA server, Roon endpoint, and can AirPlay to it.
  3. The 2Go is a streaming module for the larger, more sophisticated Hugo2 DAC. Think of it as an enhanced version of Poly, with 2 SD card slots and an ethernet port.
  4. They have a swath of larger home audio products like the M-Scaler, Hugo TT2, Blu and Dave.
  5. 2Yu is an add-on (for the 2Go), allowing you to use 2Go‘s streaming function from literally any DAC. While the folks at Chord would love for you to use it with their own products, you are of course free to connect it to any piece of gear you wish.

CHECK PRICES Amazon affiliate link — Chord Mojo (DAC) — Chord Poly (Streamer) — Chord Hugo2

More info:
Event: CanJam 2020 (Marriott Marquis, NYC – Feb 2020)


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