beyerdynamic Headphones & Earbuds for 2020 (CanJam 2020)

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00:14 – Lagoon ANC (Active Noise Cancelling Headphones)
00:30 – MIY app customizes sound to your ears
02:00 – Amiron Wireless Copper

02:48 – Aventho Wireless
03:23 – Xelento Remote (in-ears)
04:00 – Xelento Wireless (in-ears)

04:19 – DT 1990 Pro (Open Back)
05:01 – T1 (2nd Gen) Flagship

Event: CanJam 2020 (Marriott Marquis, NYC – Feb 2020)

Beyerdynamic has integrated a lot of new technologies into their headphones and earbuds. Examples include touch controls on the earcups, Bluetooth Wireless for both Android (AptX) and iPhone (AAC), Tesla drivers, light guides and more.

Beyerdynamic Can Jam 2019

What did Beyerdynamic show at last year’s CanJam 2019?

One of the most interesting parts of their offering is the MIY app. Beyerdynamic recognizes that your hearing will change over time as you get older – so what this app does is adjust the sound of the headphones to match your hearing levels. There are no lab visits or special equipment to buy. Plus, it’s included for FREE!

More info:
Event: CanJam 2020 (Marriott Marquis, NYC – Feb 2020)


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