Audio Technica’s Not-Yet-Announced Product Peek! (CanJam 2020)

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00:31 – ATH-WP900 Portable Headphones
01:03 – ATH-AWAS (Asada Zakura) Audiophile Closed Ear Headphones
01:40 – ATH-AWKT (Kukotan) Flagship Closed Ear Headphones

02:10 – ATH-IEX1 Hybrid Multidriver IEM
02:36 – ATH-ADX5000 Flagship Open Ear Headphones

03:20 – AT-DAC100 D/A Converter
03:40 – AT-BHA100 Balanced Amplifer

Event: CanJam 2020 (Marriott Marquis, NYC – Feb 2020)

Audio-Technica is showing their newest high end headphones with beautifully crafted wood finishes. From featuring finishes by Fender (the bass guitar makers) to Japanese rare woods, their offerings have expanded from the affordable to audiophile quality luxury.

The ATH-WP900 are over-ear headphones that are easy to drive with portable audio players. The flame look is made by Fender (the guitar manufacturer) and also come with both a balanced cable and 3.5mm cable.

The ATH-AWAS (nicknamed “Asada Zakura” after the Japanese cherry wood housing) are closed back headphones made for audiophiles. It’s got A2DC connectors offering the use of both balanced and unbalanced 1.4″ stereo cables and uses new 53mm drivers.

The ATH-AWKT (nicknamed “Kukotan” after the Japanese striped ebony wood housing) are Audio-Technica’s flagship closed back headphones. These have also got A2DC connectors for both balanced and unbalanced 1.4″ stereo cables (included) and uses the new 53mm drivers. New headbands, redesigned earpads and available mid-March 2020.

AudioTechnica 2019 Headphones

What did Audio Technica show at Last Year’s CanJam 2019?

The ATH-IEX1 are dual balanced armature IEMs that come with A2DC connectors and accessories.

ATH-ADX5000 from last year are still king of the Audio-Technica world of open-ear headphones. It has a neutral sound, light weight, all magnesium construction, built using Core Mount technology, A2DC connectors for use with either balanced or unbalanced cables and is available now.


AT-DAC100 D/A Converter plays anything from a 32bit file to 512bit DSDs and has 3 inputs (USB/Coax/Optical).

AT-BHA100 Balanced Amplifier has 2 balanced outputs (4.4mm & XLR) and can switch to 2 headphone outputs with separate volume controls at a push of a button. A nice added touch is the addition of indicator lights to show which outputs are in use.

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Event: CanJam 2020 (Marriott Marquis, NYC – Feb 2020)


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