Vid review: AOC Agon GK500 -Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – Product Walkthrough
01:45 – Keycaps & switches
01:45 – Media keys & controls

04:08 – Test: Typing
05:15 – 2 Issues already
06:06 – Test: Gaming
07:44 – Tech specs

08:03 – G-Menu customization software
08:42 – Lighting FX
11:36 – Polling & Delay settings
12:07 – Issue: N-KRO Bug

13:01 – Customize keys (macros)
14:29 – Link profiles to apps
15:44 – Final Thoughts

AOC is trying their hand at gaming peripherals, starting with two mechanical gaming keyboards. This one is the GK500 with blue Outemu switches. It’s a tactile switch with great feedback for typers, but on the other hand, is very loud.

There are a few problems however. It makes a loud tinging noise with every stroke (vibrates the metal top plate; a sign there’s a lack of dampening) and the unit I have has a defective switch.

The new G-Menu customization software is also buggy and incomplete (like NKRO & brightness settings) as they try to replace the now obsolete G-Tools software. But it does handle most things well enough.

Overall, the GK500 is decent and affordable at $50. Just be sure you have your headset on when you type or at least have a rock solid desk that can absorb some vibration.

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More Info:
(Test unit provided by AOC for this review.)


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