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00:00 – Introduction
00:19 – Unboxing

01:54 – Product walkthrough
02:12 – The controls

03:04 – How to use
04:06 – How long does it take to seal?

04:49 – Auto-seal (marshmallows)
06:47 – Manual seal (blueberries)
08:21 – Getting creative (travel sized)

11:11 – Replacement bags are not all the same
11:47 – Re-using bags?
12:04 – Final thoughts

Food stores for longer and marinades more quickly. Doesn’t even have to be food, it removes all the air, which slows paper decay (yellowing comic books, baseball cards), metal rust, and so much more.

The Anova Vacuum Sealer Pro is sized for your kitchen table and has everything you need built right in. It’s typically used for food and great if you want to store things in the freezer.

The easy automatic button removes all the air and vacuum seals tightly, but for more delicate things that might break or explode (like berries), you can control the amount of air taken out by doing it manually.

I use it to seal tortilla and potato chip bags when I can’t finish eating it all. It keeps the moisture out and your chips from losing crispiness.

It’s an excellent piece of gear to have on hand.

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