Take Selfies in mid-air with Air Selfie 2 (CE Week NY 2018)

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Don’t let your arm length stop you from taking better pics!

With Air Selfie 2, you’re not limited to just your face – you can take full body shots and even include the landscape behind you! It’s super light at 2.8 oz and is controlled by an app installed on your smartphone.

Specs include:

– 12MP HD video camera
– Storage: 16GB
– Flight Time: 5 min
– Charge Time: 30 min
– Connection: 2.4GHz Wi-fi
– Height/range: 65 ft

When you’re done taking pics, you insert the Air Selfie 2 into its “case” which happens to be a powerbank for recharge (recharge up to 15 times.)

More info: https://AirSelfieCamera.com

CE Week Technology Show (06/18)
@Jacob Javits Center, New York City


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